Gustino Semi-automatic Espresso Coffee Machine for Household Business Use – SILVER




Stainless steel body
Stable, reliable and durable to use
Professional warm cup area
The coffee cup can be fully preheated, special convex points and stainless steel fence design can prevent the coffee cup from slipping down
Safety temperature regulator
It can control the water temperature and steam temperature and ensure the best water temperature when making coffee
Cappuccino system
Combine the air, milk and steam to give off the fragrant foam, make cappuccino, latte, let a person be intoxicated in the mellow fragrance
Ultra-fine filter funnel
With stainless steel filter box set, it can make pure natural fat coffee
Stainless steel furnace head
Reasonable temperature can guarantee the texture of a cup of cappuccino
Double bowl stand
Can make the bowl hang close to the coffee machine, easy to collect, clean and tidy
Large capacity separation tank
Adopts food-grade material, can be separated, safe and easy to clean
Removable water tray
The red suspension index indicates the water level, the tray can be removed, which can prolong the service life of the machine

Power: 920W
Rated voltage: 230V
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Pumping pressure: 19 bar
Water tank capacity: 1.6L

The cups are not included.


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