QCOOKER CR – WB01 18L Large Capacity Microwave Oven – WHITE





Having a microwave in the kitchen is very convenient for reheating any meal or beverage. Steam vegetables, defrost, meats, make popcorn, or heat up a dinner plate. No need to heat up the kitchen by turning on the oven. Heating quickly technology delivers microwave energy in a way that allows delicate foods to simmer without overcooking. In addition, foods retain more color, texture, and nutrients for fast, easy and delicious results.

Main Features:
● 18L large capacity can meet 2 – 4 people’s needs
● 2450MHz electromagnetic waveand700W power, make the food heating quickly
● Stereo 360 degree design, covers the whole food and motivates the deep taste of the food
● 3 unfreeze functions, open the unfreeze procedure according to different food
● Contract panel design, features clear vision and easy to operate
● Five layers anti-radiation design, protect your families’ body
● Safe anti-slid pads, perfectly fit the kitchen’s environment
● 93 degree wide open angle, is suitable for kinds of big size food

● Input power: 1150W
● Voltage: 220V AC / 50Hz
● Output power: 700W


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